Beckon Call

A dreamer dreams of an undying love for their whole lives through; a lover’s catch before a nightmare’s clutch, barely escaping pursuit.  Dreams arouse real life possibilities.

What was yours or mine became the credit of ‘ours’ over time.  We were once young, falling in love, exploring places and introducing family and friends.  Our plans knew no end.

Evenings fall while a night owl calls Who-Who!  Will it be bed and breakfast for two?  Yes, please!  There will be two for life in sickness, in health, sometimes broke or broken and in wealth.

When a love chill ripples up and down your spine, while wondering why, it’s best to guard your heart, search your soul, gather your wits and engage your mind.  Could it be your lover’s beckon call?


Joyce Lynn Eggleston – April 2023

Inspired by 48th Wedding Anniversary



Pride without Prejudice

Nonexistent prejudice, a tender reminiscent time from my childhood, prior to the moment of realization that racial prejudice existed right then and would continue throughout my lifetime, and likely, forevermore.

Arriving home after high school, a friend of color and daughter of a U.S. Army colonel was with me.  I introduced her to my parents.  We planned to grab my tennis racket and drive to the Fort Ben Tennis Courts.

Tennis racket in hand, I grabbed my keys, we said good-bye and returned to my car.  The engine wouldn’t start!  Anxiously I ran to tell my dad, a mechanic.  He would know what to do.  He came outside and raised the car hood.

Standing with my dad, we looked at my engine.  In disbelief, I realized the distributor cap was missing!  I turned to look at my dad.  Surprisingly, his look of, ‘I did it’, sent a displeased message to me, in silence.

Gathering my composure, I returned to apologize to my friend.  My car needed repaired and I would be unable to play tennis.  I wish I could recall whether we took her home, or if her parents came to get her.

Imposed prejudice is a rude awakening for an open arms child to comprehend.  The harsh reality is, that it steals innocent joy from a child and replaces it with an unjustified, haughty seed of prejudice.

In future years I’d be the wife of a Pharmacy Tech for a U.S. Army Hospital in Augsburg, Germany.  Our careers since then were all Equal Opportunity Employers, where pride existed without prejudice.


While watching out our deck window on Saturday, November 12, 2022, subtle rain darkened our wooden deck slats.

Within moments, 24-degree temperature froze the rain into first-fallen snow, covering all but the deck cracks.

The rain and snow had been forecast a few days prior, and on Veteran’s Day stripes of brine blanketed our bridged roads.

An Indiana fall day can change from calm to breezy, pouring rain to snow, dry to wet deck, and make you change your coat!

With a fresh-cut lawn, leaves mulched or bagged, garden beds harvested and straw in the feral kitty huts, we are winter-ready at home.

Soul Spirits

Soul spirits stir in remembrance, aroused from slumber, long suppressed excitations idle, now again embers.

Visions blurred by vague, indistinct memories, further obscured echoes of voices loom imagined, audibly unheard.

Steadfast spirits seldom die, may go low, but then again rise, carrying the torch that lights and reflects in believer’s eyes.

Undeniable spirits surface, rallying, taking hold, recharging souls, reveling reality for treasures to tow.


Joyce Lynn Eggleston

Indianapolis, IN – August 2022

Inspired by high school reunion anticipation


High School Spirits

Relatable Expressions

Expressions related or written through poetry convey to listeners or readers, a poet’s certain passion, knowledge, interpretation, or experience with relatable imagination.

Keeping expressions relatable to a writer’s audience depends on the writer’s ability and intuition to determine what their audience appreciates as a go-to, bookmarked, inspiration.

It’s every writer’s great pride and joy to be published and to provide contributing, worthy works for public interest that bring information, reality escape, and overall literature satisfaction.

Writing for the, what if we can inspire a reader moment, compels a poet to try.  When readers Like, Comment or Follow certain author publications, those are opportune moments and author gratification.

Perhaps the publication of an author impacts a reader’s ability to get through their day with just enough strength.  Continued possibilities exist with perseverance to write without hesitation.


Joyce Lynn Eggleston

Indianapolis, IN – 7/25/2022

Covid Death Lamentation

The 2022 USA New Year sadly left behind, more than one million, would-be revelers, passionate, but now breathless casualties of Covid-19 and its variants from years 2020 and 2021.

The unassuming victims were living, contributing souls with hope for survival!  Their weight of loss and cost to society is substantial.  They are grievously missed by friends and loved ones.

In Memory of Aunt Marilyn

Retirement Reality Check

In the early reality of old age, when the horizon comes into focus with glasses, numerous new options become viable and available to us.  Upon reflecting, saving for more than half of our working years makes retirement possible, the discipline to save plausible, and security from savings stockable.

It turns out, unintended consequences become a reality as well.  Sure, paid off debts, savings, a pension, Social Security, IRA’s and 401K plans make retirement possible. Owning your own home is ideal, but unsuspecting retirees have become the focus of opportunists who care less about our ideals. 

We thought we’d have newfound freedom in our retirement, not just in the sense of living on our savings, but to roam freely as well.  It turns out, a new sense of caution develops and hinders our free will to roam, especially alone.   

To relate:  my spouse and I would wait until the weekend to grocery shop for ourselves and my parents.  I retired a few months earlier than my spouse, so I decided to shop during the week.  This would hopefully free up my spouse and I up for the weekend.

Twice in a month I was approached in the grocery store parking lot by unknown people as I returned to my car. 

On the first occasion, I saw a 30’ish year old woman conversing with shoppers a few rows away from my car.  She caught sight of me and sure enough, made her way over.    She said, “Ma’am, I don’t mean to bother you, but…”.  I felt isolated and compromised, so I excused myself and left, rather than speak with her.

On the second occasion, I was returning to my car in a more populated area when I saw a 40ish year old, physically fit man, hurriedly traversing the store parking lot.  Fortunately for me, he cut through the lot short of my row, only to circle back to ask, “Do you need some help loading your groceries?”

I said, “No thank you”, but he lingered and asked: “What do you make of all this pandemic?”  I was wearing a mask. He wasn’t, so I said: “Maybe the best we can do is to wear a mask!”  He then said, “Is Jesus in any of that?”  Again, I excused myself and left.

Once at home, I shared with my spouse the two recent encounters.  We agreed that we didn’t have these types of experiences shopping together, so we decided to resume doing so.  We also agreed on a plan should future awkward encounters present.

Prior to shopping alone and to avoid surprises in grocery store parking lots, consider your courses of action should unexpected encounters occur.  Minimally, you might consider holding your key fob, either as a weapon or to press panic to honk your horn.



Joyce Lynn Eggleston

May 2022 – Indianapolis, IN

Inspired being a possible victim

Retirement Moonlight

The phenomenon of reaching retirement resembles a cocoon.  The cocoon shell protects us to survey the market, secure a career and save for retirement after the last time clock punch. 

To work at peak performance, after a few occasions of staying up too late, we learn to set a bedtime. 

To awake for work, now that our bedtime is reasonable, we do snooze, but set an alarm clock. 

To refresh, we bathe, shave, pluck, tuck, dress and then pose in front of our mirror to see ourselves as perhaps others would. 

Once we think we’re looking good, we pack our lunch, warm our car, drive the distance, park the car, and then walk, or run, to punch the clock at work.

We work until it’s time to punch the clock again, at the end of our shift.  We repeat these steps as often as it takes to retire.   

Once retired, we reset our alarm clock from alarm to snooze, and oh do we!  The retirement adrenaline rush totally disregards bedtimes and alarms. 

The alarm clock abandonment is celebration-certified, it’s totally complacent and life changing forevermore. 

In the new retirement moonlight, while workers sleep and tea steeps, the newly opened cocoon reveals a beautiful new you!



Joyce Lynn Eggleston

February 2022 – Indianapolis, IN

Inspired by Retirement Reality

Serendipitous Serenade

Serenade (The Destination)

You were the surprise call on my telephone.

You were the relentless in your pursuit of me.

You were the lovestruck interest who drove miles to see me.

You were the busy bee adding honey to my tea.

You were always willing to meet my needs.

You were beholding beyond any expectations.

You were the charming and viable suitor in my mind.

You were the destiny in my destination!

Sensations (The Big Chill)

You were the pinch in my reality.

You were the attraction to my gaze.

You were the focus in my distractions.

You were the tempter to my temptations.

You were the captive in my captivation.

You were the wee, wee, wee on my zipline.

You were the prize to my surprise.

You were the big chill up and down my spine!

Security (The Safety Net)

You are the save in my lucky break.

You are the connect to our connection.

You are the keeper in my keepsakes.

You are the ticket for my ride, near and far.

You are the security detail to me, our children and family.

You are the cornerstone of our brick home.

You are always prepared so I can be.

You are the safety in my safety net!

Sensibilities (The 6th Sense)

You are the easy in my easy going feeling.

You are the flex in my rigidity.

You are the possible in my impossibilities.

You are the ration in my rationale.

You are in the business of my pleasures.

You are the GPS in any direction I go.

You are the shine even when the sun can’t shine on cloudy days.

You are the 6th sense in my nonsense!

Simplicity (The Present)

You are the glimmer in my hopes.

You are the analytical when I need analysis.

You are the hesitance in my urges.

You are the sheepdog in my wandering.

You are the honey in my honey do.

You are the swing in my fling.

You are the fine in my fine line.

You are the present in my presence!

Satisfaction (The Guaranty)

You were the missing clasp in my chain.

You are the gala in my galaxy.

You are sensitive to my sensibilities.

You are the privileged to my innuendos.

You are the four seasons in my world.

You are the Who’s Who in my record book.

You are the brave, selfless hero to country, family and friends.

You are the guaranty that far exceeds satisfaction!

Serenity (The Moments)

You are the serene in my serenity.

You are the easy in my uneasy.

You are the real thing in my reality.

You are the calm in my calamity.

You are the voice I’m most in tuned to hear.

You are inclusive and always willing to share.

You are who matters most to me.

You are the moments in my treasure chest!

Splendor (The Miracle)

You are the peace in my peace of mind.

You are the intention in my desires.

You are the comfort in my comforter.

You are the one in my one and only.

You are the prince in my forever after.

You are the journey in my sentimental journey.

You are the love of my life.

You are the miracle that God sent to me.


Joyce Lynn Eggleston

Indianapolis, IN – December 2021

Inspired by my spouse of 46+ years

I knew when we held hands.

Only by Death

Alone, lonely, lost, not found, watching, waiting, craving solid ground.

Quiet, silenced, sounds ever still, seeing, hearing what minds will.

Uneasy, restless, sleepless nights, weeping, wailing, mourning my love, my life.

One man, one woman, I thee wed, splintered, separated, only by death.

Awaken, arise, gentle spirit, troubadours, trumpets, a sojourn transcendent.

Sky, clouds, celestial heavens, crying eyes, spirit rise, soaring high, gone, love of mine.


Joyce Lynn Eggleston

Indianapolis, IN – September 2021

Saying goodbye to the one you love