The Animated Garden

Love and admire me, but gather me not.  Gaze at me, while meandering by, to collect your thoughts.  Walk the trodden ground near and around me, while feeling the earth soft beneath your feet. Admire my colors, the birds and the bees, and breathe in my fragrance sweet.  Care and preserve me for the now and long after, when you are no longer beside me, but in heaven’s rapture.  I’ll be here for you again, or your legacies to come.  I’ll remain as ever vibrant to inspire with my blissful spectrum.

I’ve seen the eyes of babes who reach out with open hands. I’ve seen the eyes of age who came to see me, yet once again.  I’ve seen the young lovers strolling by while contemplating plans.  The bees and butterflies know me as sweet refuge from their long journeys home. They gather through and around my blooms and earth rich loam.  As the season ends and my colors fade, the breeze is kind to remain.  It lures me, ever so rocking me, into a dormant state.  But not to worry, my place is held for early spring when I either bloom again or rejuvenate with sun blessed seeds.

Inspired and penned on a park bench at The Botanic Garden, Denver CO during our 40th wedding anniversary trip.

July 5, 2015


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