Rhythm of the Seasons

The summer breeze knows when it’s time to go.

The leaves fall, the winds call.  The leaves turn red and gold.

Flashes of color all dance across the road,

In first-light, then starlight. Leaves dance a do-si-do.

The north wind comes calling with cheeks all puffed to blow. The leaves leave, the fall falls.  The ground is white with snow.

Clusters of children all dressed from head to toe

Take a sleigh ride on a hillside before the winter’s old.

The spring springs while the winter clings, as the buds peek through the snow.  The sun’s love and a gentle shove bring the seed that blooms a rose.

The snowcaps give to circumstance as the thawed-out water flows.  The rain rains on my window pane while I watch the flowers grow.

The summer nights cast a lasting light as we take an evening stroll.  The sun is down in a quiet town, and a breeze will lead us home.


Joyce Lynn Eggleston

Indianapolis, IN – October 31, 2010

Inspired while raking leaves.


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