Oh, Friends Will Never be Forgotten!

As I sat and pondered today, I realized my expression of writing had gone away.  I had allowed greeting cards, facebook, and e-mail to take my place.  If I mailed a greeting card, I might get one back at the appropriate time.  If I posted a witty comment on facebook, I might check to see if it was liked.  If I sent an e-mail, I might worry about an ink-stained word that had dried on a line.

Oh, I just want to write!

A pen is a pen but it could be used to write a line.  It could be used to write the thoughts that are on your mind!  The ink could be black or blue, or occasionally red.  It all depends on the message you want said.  The message could start with Dear, or Sir, or It’s Me Again! There’s lots of ways to write to a friend.

Oh, the ways just never end!

I could have sent you an e-mail and eloquently mastered each and every line, but who has that kind of time?  But, rather, I choose to write straight from the heart, true as blue, from me to you. You may be across town or even in another country or state.  No matter where you are, the distance between us lays in wait.

Oh, the waiting, I just hate!

I saw a quote on the wall of Sam Walton’s Sam’s that I chose to think of friends.  Something like: “It’s not what you gather in life that counts, it’s what you scatter that matters!”  I thought of our kindred hearts like seeds scattered by the winds.  Although our celestial horizons know the sun in the same or another time of day, my thoughts of you are never far away.

Oh, the gift of a friend!

There’s just something about a friend that brings reflection.  I couldn’t let the old year end, or the new year begin without confiding in you, my affection.  You may be the friend who called me on the telephone, or the friend who sat and listened to me, so I wouldn’t be alone.  You may be the friend who presented me with a designer card.  No matter the contact, whether in the distant, or even in the recent past, you’ve warmed my heart!

Oh, friends will never be forgotten!

Joyce Lynn Eggleston

Indianapolis, IN – December 2013

Inspired while reflecting on friends.


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