Next to You

It all started seemingly like the right thing to do.

You were there alone seated across the room.

As I drew near and spoke to you your eyes met mine.

That’s when I first knew that your eyes were as blue as they are kind.

With a quickened breath and the warmth of a blushed face,

The sense was overwhelming.  I struggled to conceal my gaze.  Your warmth was kind, sincere and gentle.

Could you have known the spark that you kindled?

Will I see or be with you again was on my mind.

But we had only just met, and I had no right.

What I said in parting didn’t come from my heart.

I held it back or it would have gone where I couldn’t start.

What brings a man to where he had only been just once?

There goes my heart again, am I the reason he comes?

Is there more from inside that doesn’t meet my eye?

He’s remained in my midst, always nearby.

We’ve never shared a kiss, though it seemed we would.

I don’t know how to break the ice or if we should.

I’ve often wondered, have you thought about this too?

Most of all, I’m best when I’m next to you.


Joyce Lynn Eggleston

Indianapolis, IN – August 2014

Inspired by friends, Jan & Carl


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