The Gang at 343

The gang here at three-forty-three

Have characteristics amusing to me.

Just read on and you may find that

You’ve been captured in candid rhyme!


My story begins with a lady diplomat,

Our own Mrs. June Coker, can you believe that?

We bring her our situations, which are not a few. 

She responds, “Do what you have to do!” 


Claudia, that nurse of Dr. Pallares,

Is by far ranked amongst the fairest.

She helps us to make out his dictated words,

When what we guessed was usually absurd.


When JoAnn says, “I’m just so excited!”

We’re all happy for her, to be so delighted!

She’s such an outspoken sort,

But agreeable, to settle differences out of court.


And Doris has the kind of eyes,

That no matter how she tries,

That just before she winks,

You know just exactly what she thinks.


Josie, whose eyes can’t conceal

The great surprise she will feel,

When someone uncovers a charge overlooked,

Or perhaps Gertrude just never booked!


As Sam concludes her conversation,

We all expect an exclamation

And a final sigh.

We all concede with a “Bueno Bye!”


And we can’t forget the character Joe

And the funny way he says, “Hello!”

He never wants the gel on his chest

To help us practice an echo test.


The possessions of Fran you cannot touch.

She’ll let you know if you hang around much.

If you ask her to help you file,

She’ll say, “That’s not my job!” with a smile.


You can always expect CPA, Liz to enter and say,

“How is everybody today?”

She appears with such a calm demeanor.

We couldn’t settle the books without her!


If there are any cookies in sight,

Betty is always ready to bite.

She’ll drop a hint in the chatter,

Not to forget to bring a new platter!


And then of course there’s Dr. Barry Beller.

He’s quite the accomplished photographer.

You can count on him in any tight,

Since his answers are likely right.


This concludes my story

With observed truth and unclaimed glory.

Of course, all the caption stated

Has been thoughtfully debated!


Joyce Lynn Eggleston

San Antonio, TX – July 1978

Inspired by employees of Cardiology Associates.


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