Sweet Dreams

We’re Albright boys.  We’ve made a place for our toys.

Our friends are steppin’ out, yeah,

I get excited when I hear them shout our names!


Listen!  Jon, Jacob, Ervin, Ivan please,

Play a game with me!


A time and place to run and hide in my life.

A time to figure out, yeah,

What life is all about for me?


Waken!  Jon, Jacob, Ervin, Ivan, we,

Are brothers and we’re family!


Past memories fade like clouds and dreams, in my mind.

There’s a voice it’s calling out, yeah.

I see her face and I know the sound, “Sweet dreams!”


Saying!  Jon, Jacob, Ervin, Ivan see,

You’re the best of me!


You’re the best of me!


Sweet dreams!


Joyce Lynn Eggleston

Indianapolis, IN – June 2010

Inspired by my daughter and my grandsons.



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