On a Winding Road

Streetlights glow, sculptured yards glisten on a winding road of suburban homes.

Successful, educated, well-organized minds of husbands and wives live their lives.

Their mother home schools the children in orderly fashion. Their father admires their mother’s passion.

The tides of change bring tutelage at public schools, but the children’s resilience shine on like jewels.

Their mother sought outside endeavors. She found her creative element as design director.

Her hours were flexed to meet her family lifestyle. Over time she lingered there for more than just a while.

The family rallied to support their mother. Heart and soul projects replaced time with husband, son and daughters.

Her husband sensed her absence and all that she once filled. Her familiar caress and soothing touch were all but still.

She announced to family her feelings for another, one who validated her like no other.

She denied counseling and the counter of her best friend to throw caution to the wind.

Encouraging letters went to family and daughter-in-law. Hope remains for a text or a call.

My heart of hearts remains hopeful for all to end well. Prayers for each loved one who lives and dwells.


Joyce Lynn Eggleston

Indianapolis, IN – September 2019

Inspired by divorce and its consequences.

Dad with the children. A water color by their mom.

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