Born to Breathe Free

I said, I can’t breathe!  Do you hear me?  You are killing me!  Why can’t you see?  Why do you not believe?

Have too many lied and taken advantage of you, the police?  I beg!  I plead!  Please!  Allow me to breathe!

You are my worst nightmare!  Your knee on my neck wreaks vigilante!  Where is your sense of decency?

Don’t you know that you too will grieve when judged, sentenced, and held accountable for your deeds!

You are making a huge mistake!  We’ve not talked or met!  You are under oath to serve and protect!

I’m a protector for my wife and child!  I’m precious to those who love me.  I was born to breathe free!

I’m a proud, blessed, Black man! Friends know me as a gentle giant!  I’ve cried, grieved, and prayed, but never defiant.

I’m gasping for air!  I’m weak!  Please!  I can’t breathe!  Spare me!  Allow me to breathe!  I was born to breathe free!

Who, but God alone breathes life into our souls?  He knows our first and last breath and comforts us in our death.  

Please!  I can’t breathe.


Joyce Lynn Eggleston

Indianapolis, IN – September 2020

Inspired by lives lost due to abuse of force by police and citizens.


Photo Credit to Berlin based graffiti crew 1UP

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