A Covid-19 Spin on Celebration by Kool & the Gang

There was to be a party, a celebration to last the whole year.  We were to bring our good times and our laughter too.  We were going to celebrate.  A party was due.

Instead, we had a masquerade, a masquerade to last the whole year.  There were no good times, nor any laughter too.  We couldn’t celebrate though a party was due.

People all around the world were to celebrate, celebrate with laughter and their loved ones too.  Everywhere around the world, a party was due, a pending celebration.

We’re here together now, to celebrate resilient life, amazing science and to re-unite, no longer defiant.  It’s time to come together.  It’ up to us to celebrate one-another.

Gather now people.  Let’s emerge!  Celebrate life! Celebrate those we love.  Listen for their echoes and hear their laughter too.   Celebrate forever, lives gone far too soon.

Let’s celebrate, elevate humanity.  Let’s have a good time.  It’s alright.  Come on people now, celebrate our diversity.  We’re going to have a good time tonight.  Celebrate!


Joyce Lynn Eggleston

Indianapolis, IN – June 2021


Inspired by 6/18/2021 Fort Ben Cultural Campus Grand Opening, Theater at the Fort with Indianapolis Jazz Band, Crossroads Dance and Poets Laureate Arts for Lawrence Celebration.

Celebrate our Diversity


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