Serendipitous Serenade

Serenade (The Destination)

You were the surprise call on my telephone.

You were the relentless in your pursuit of me.

You were the lovestruck interest who drove miles to see me.

You were the busy bee adding honey to my tea.

You were always willing to meet my needs.

You were beholding beyond any expectations.

You were the charming and viable suitor in my mind.

You were the destiny in my destination!

Sensations (The Big Chill)

You were the pinch in my reality.

You were the attraction to my gaze.

You were the focus in my distractions.

You were the tempter to my temptations.

You were the captive in my captivation.

You were the wee, wee, wee on my zipline.

You were the prize to my surprise.

You were the big chill up and down my spine!

Security (The Safety Net)

You are the save in my lucky break.

You are the connect to our connection.

You are the keeper in my keepsakes.

You are the ticket for my ride, near and far.

You are the security detail to me, our children and family.

You are the cornerstone of our brick home.

You are always prepared so I can be.

You are the safety in my safety net!

Sensibilities (The 6th Sense)

You are the easy in my easy going feeling.

You are the flex in my rigidity.

You are the possible in my impossibilities.

You are the ration in my rationale.

You are in the business of my pleasures.

You are the GPS in any direction I go.

You are the shine even when the sun can’t shine on cloudy days.

You are the 6th sense in my nonsense!

Simplicity (The Present)

You are the glimmer in my hopes.

You are the analytical when I need analysis.

You are the hesitance in my urges.

You are the sheepdog in my wandering.

You are the honey in my honey do.

You are the swing in my fling.

You are the fine in my fine line.

You are the present in my presence!

Satisfaction (The Guaranty)

You were the missing clasp in my chain.

You are the gala in my galaxy.

You are sensitive to my sensibilities.

You are the privileged to my innuendos.

You are the four seasons in my world.

You are the Who’s Who in my record book.

You are the brave, selfless hero to country, family and friends.

You are the guaranty that far exceeds satisfaction!

Serenity (The Moments)

You are the serene in my serenity.

You are the easy in my uneasy.

You are the real thing in my reality.

You are the calm in my calamity.

You are the voice I’m most in tuned to hear.

You are inclusive and always willing to share.

You are who matters most to me.

You are the moments in my treasure chest!

Splendor (The Miracle)

You are the peace in my peace of mind.

You are the intention in my desires.

You are the comfort in my comforter.

You are the one in my one and only.

You are the prince in my forever after.

You are the journey in my sentimental journey.

You are the love of my life.

You are the miracle that God sent to me.


Joyce Lynn Eggleston

Indianapolis, IN – December 2021

Inspired by my spouse of 46+ years

I knew when we held hands.

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