Retirement Moonlight

The phenomenon of reaching retirement resembles a cocoon.  The cocoon shell protects us to survey the market, secure a career and save for retirement after the last time clock punch. 

To work at peak performance, after a few occasions of staying up too late, we learn to set a bedtime. 

To awake for work, now that our bedtime is reasonable, we do snooze, but set an alarm clock. 

To refresh, we bathe, shave, pluck, tuck, dress and then pose in front of our mirror to see ourselves as perhaps others would. 

Once we think we’re looking good, we pack our lunch, warm our car, drive the distance, park the car, and then walk, or run, to punch the clock at work.

We work until it’s time to punch the clock again, at the end of our shift.  We repeat these steps as often as it takes to retire.   

Once retired, we reset our alarm clock from alarm to snooze, and oh do we!  The retirement adrenaline rush totally disregards bedtimes and alarms. 

The alarm clock abandonment is celebration-certified, it’s totally complacent and life changing forevermore. 

In the new retirement moonlight, while workers sleep and tea steeps, the newly opened cocoon reveals a beautiful new you!



Joyce Lynn Eggleston

February 2022 – Indianapolis, IN

Inspired by Retirement Reality


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