Relatable Expressions

Expressions related or written through poetry convey to listeners or readers, a poet’s certain passion, knowledge, interpretation, or experience with relatable imagination.

Keeping expressions relatable to a writer’s audience depends on the writer’s ability and intuition to determine what their audience appreciates as a go-to, bookmarked, inspiration.

It’s every writer’s great pride and joy to be published and to provide contributing, worthy works for public interest that bring information, reality escape, and overall literature satisfaction.

Writing for the, what if we can inspire a reader moment, compels a poet to try.  When readers Like, Comment or Follow certain author publications, those are opportune moments and author gratification.

Perhaps the publication of an author impacts a reader’s ability to get through their day with just enough strength.  Continued possibilities exist with perseverance to write without hesitation.


Joyce Lynn Eggleston

Indianapolis, IN – 7/25/2022


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