Memories that Stay

God has taken her breath away, and silenced her voice to fulfill His God-saving grace.

Although I know this, I remain. I crave her voice and seek her one-in-a-million face.

Her voice and face never fade, and my reality defies that memories take her place.

Be still my soul.

Hear my heart song sing a soothing lullaby, that swells and sways with memories that stay.


Joyce Lynn Eggleston

Indianapolis, IN – August 2021

Inspired by memorable friends


Storyteller, Tess & Wise Matriarch, Marlene


The Written Word

The written word bleeds a brazen ballad, worthy of pen and paper.

The written word plays the heartfelt melody, of our God-given savior.

The written word, stamped, sealed, then sent, sends a message, to read, not hear.

The written word received, then read, stimulates a sense of touch, to tears.

The written word, once pen-pressed, is stored, to re-read the essence, of a friend.

The written word remains a touch, to press the page, a friend used, to press their pen.


Joyce Lynn Eggleston

Indianapolis, IN – July 2021


In loving memory of Stefanie Susan Mazur * 02/15/1949 – 04/05/2021 * 72 Contributing Years

A Covid-19 Spin on Celebration by Kool & the Gang

There was to be a party, a celebration to last the whole year.  We were to bring our good times and our laughter too.  We were going to celebrate.  A party was due.

Instead, we had a masquerade, a masquerade to last the whole year.  There were no good times, nor any laughter too.  We couldn’t celebrate though a party was due.

People all around the world were to celebrate, celebrate with laughter and their loved ones too.  Everywhere around the world, a party was due, a pending celebration.

We’re here together now, to celebrate resilient life, amazing science and to re-unite, no longer defiant.  It’s time to come together.  It’ up to us to celebrate one-another.

Gather now people.  Let’s emerge!  Celebrate life! Celebrate those we love.  Listen for their echoes and hear their laughter too.   Celebrate forever, lives gone far too soon.

Let’s celebrate, elevate humanity.  Let’s have a good time.  It’s alright.  Come on people now, celebrate our diversity.  We’re going to have a good time tonight.  Celebrate!


Joyce Lynn Eggleston

Indianapolis, IN – June 2021


Inspired by 6/18/2021 Fort Ben Cultural Campus Grand Opening, Theater at the Fort with Indianapolis Jazz Band, Crossroads Dance and Poets Laureate Arts for Lawrence Celebration.

Celebrate our Diversity

Wishful Thinking

Ever wish you could really focus, listen intently, memorize a line, a verse, recite a poem or remember a phone number?

Ever wish you could honor a life, act on their behalf, take up a cause, pay it forward, pay a debt you can never repay?

Ever wish you could get back in touch, lose your pride, shake expectations for others, be forgiven, be accepted by those you love?

Ever wish you could be content, truly, appreciate your life, your God, your family, your friends, your neighbors, those you can count on?

Ever wish you could be a first responder, or help those unable to help themselves, making all the difference for another?

Ever wish for others to realize you’ve changed, grown, matured, evolved with knowledge, beliefs and self-driven values well equipped for life?

Ever wish for more time, a chance for more treasured moments, wonder if you would have changed a thing, and if so, what, and where would you be?

Ever wish upon a star with all your might, pray to God, spilling words from your heart, praying for courage, strength, and wisdom to do what’s right?

Let’s strive to focus, honor life, lose pride, be content, help others, accept change, treasure moments, exude wisdom, and importantly, share love.


Joyce Lynn Eggleston

Indianapolis, IN – April 2021

Inspired by 1 Corinthians 13:4-13


Mother & Daughter

Where Lost Things Go

What we’ve located has already been found. 

What we’ve lost is no longer around.

We’ve misplaced it, or its where lost things go!

What we wouldn’t give to somehow know.

Where we look isn’t always logical.

Where we left it was surely practical.

We trace our steps, but it doesn’t come to mind.

We’re desperate for any kind of sign.

What we’ve lost is near and dear to our soul.

We feel anxious as the feeling takes hold.

We know it’s there and we can’t help but look.

When we find it, we hope it’s worth the time it took.


Joyce Lynn Eggleston

Indianapolis, IN – February 2021

Inspired while locating what was lost.

*** illustration credit..

Stay the Course

Patience is a virtue that anchors down to wait.

Its strength resists pulls and tugs that kink its anchored chain.

Stay the course.  Grip the wheel.  If you won’t, who will?

Never cower or underestimate your power.

Rise-up to wind gale force though sails get tattered and torn.

Reveal your core. Stay the course.  Weather the storm.

In a new day’s light emerge calm for giving your all.


Joyce Lynn Eggleston * Indianapolis, IN * February 2021

Inspired by life’s trials.


Here and Now

The words never said, the silence ever still, a lifetime of memories linger, seemingly surreal.

Reality is our destination, located at the junction of here and now. 

Memory is a reminiscent lane paved with good intentions from there and then.

The distance between reality and memory is ear to ear and head to toe.

The lane you choose is up to you, but if it feels like a dead end, turn around and start again.

We can’t change our past, but leaving it there paves our way for a fresh, new second chance.


Joyce Lynn Eggleston

Indianapolis, IN – December 2020

Inspired by life’s choices and the ones that matter most.


Go the distance here and now!

Dementia Demeanor

Our heart of hearts tends to hide what our eyes see, our ears hear and our mind denies, but knows.  Jaded on the surface our masquerade unravels revealing subtle realities, arousing more doubt than hope.

Storms have always come and gone.  New storms emerge, raining profanity and slander, mixed with short-circuit anger.  Navigating new health threats, while you are unaware, leaves me feeling lonely with regrets.

Our mother is suffering at the brunt of dad’s anger. She is learning to communicate as a dementia caregiver.  Dad’s demeanor easily changes from grumpier to angrier.  Frustration stimulates anger.

Still, those with dementia can take and pass their driver’s test and be certified to drive for another year.  Being reminded of this raises awareness and instills perhaps a bit of fear.

Dad and mom have been strong, capable role models, whom we have observed.  They have poured their lives into each of us, steadily, as we have learned.  We have become strong, independent sons and daughters.

Parents may need our help more than they know or say.  Listen for their answers.  Do their conversations fade?  Let’s suggest acceptable ways to enhance their quality of life.  Everyone could use a break and some praise.

How do we honor our life-time heroes in their living years?  Our efforts will likely see new heroes emerge from our mirrors.  Capture life in its full-bloom glory.  Savor life’s pleasures. Reminisce the stories.

Dementia is an ill-fate for our provider, army veteran, 62-year marriage to mom, Christian father of six, brother, brother in-law, uncle, grandfather, business owner, friend of community and cancer survivor.

Dementia is surely like a single passenger, southbound train that won’t stop or wait.  Before the last call for tickets, each of us concerned continues to engage our parents, making all the difference.

Let’s check with mom to be mindful of her peace and quiet.  Sometimes less is more.  Let’s let her know that we are aware and that their best interests are at our core, no less and no more.

I personally read these thoughts to mom before sharing them with you and she approved this message.

The Ten Absolutes Offered for Dementia Caregivers (Credit to Community Touch Point)

  1. Never Argue, Instead Agree.
  2. Never Reason, Instead Divert.
  3. Never Shame, Instead Distract.
  4. Never Lecture, Instead Reassure.
  5. Never Say “Remember?”, Instead Reminisce.
  6. Never Say “I Told You!”, Instead Repeat.
  7. Never Say “You Can’t!” Instead Say “Do What You Can”.
  8. Never Command or Demand, Instead Ask or Model.
  9. Never Condescend, Instead Encourage and Praise.
  10. Never Force, Instead Reinforce.
A tulip springs for the hope in each of us!

Born to Breathe Free

I said, I can’t breathe!  Do you hear me?  You are killing me!  Why can’t you see?  Why do you not believe?

Have too many lied and taken advantage of you, the police?  I beg!  I plead!  Please!  Allow me to breathe!

You are my worst nightmare!  Your knee on my neck wreaks vigilante!  Where is your sense of decency?

Don’t you know that you too will grieve when judged, sentenced, and held accountable for your deeds!

You are making a huge mistake!  We’ve not talked or met!  You are under oath to serve and protect!

I’m a protector for my wife and child!  I’m precious to those who love me.  I was born to breathe free!

I’m a proud, blessed, Black man! Friends know me as a gentle giant!  I’ve cried, grieved, and prayed, but never defiant.

I’m gasping for air!  I’m weak!  Please!  I can’t breathe!  Spare me!  Allow me to breathe!  I was born to breathe free!

Who, but God alone breathes life into our souls?  He knows our first and last breath and comforts us in our death.  

Please!  I can’t breathe.


Joyce Lynn Eggleston

Indianapolis, IN – September 2020

Inspired by lives lost due to abuse of force by police and citizens.


Photo Credit to Berlin based graffiti crew 1UP