Memories that Stay

God has taken her breath away, and silenced her voice to fulfill His God-saving grace.

Although I know this, I remain. I crave her voice and seek her one-in-a-million face.

Her voice and face never fade, and my reality defies that memories take her place.

Be still my soul.

Hear my heart song sing a soothing lullaby, that swells and sways with memories that stay.


Joyce Lynn Eggleston

Indianapolis, IN – August 2021

Inspired by memorable friends


Storyteller, Tess & Wise Matriarch, Marlene


Catacombs of Treasured Memories

Catacombs of treasured memories stir and stimulate the senses in my mind.

Memories appear in glimpses, with sounds of life, on a stage, revealed by closed eyes.

The memories lean intimately closer to hear, once again, why I love them so.

Although memories outlive reality, reality knows I love them all, flesh and bones.

Joyce Lynn Eggleston

Indianapolis, IN – July 2019

Inspired by memories of loved ones.

Learning to make pie dough.