Life is a Privilege

Life is a privilege to live.  

Perhaps we’re even the 8th wonders of our world!

We all get this one chance to live, love, learn, earn & give.


Live life with abandoned.  Don’t hesitate to claim yours.  Question any reason to doubt.

Love life like you’re guarding a precious treasure.  Prop it open.  Jewels and gems gather there.

Learn to listen.  Let others speak their thoughts.  Two ears, one mouth – it makes sense!  Be patient.

Earn not only to earn a living but to earn trust.  Play fair, be there, be honest and become wise.

Give life to another.  Give the gift of hope to the needy.  Give confidence in others to build character.


Live      *      Love      *      Learn      *      Earn      *     Give


Joyce Lynn Eggleston

Indianapolis, IN – June 2019

Inspired by friends and family.


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