Indebted to Our Mothers

Our early days found us nearly inseparable from our mother.  Even so, she prepared us for our gift of life.  She orchestrated the entire gift.  She searched and secured a suitor, carried us, sight unseen, for nine months, scheduled a delivery date, dealt with delays and our many demands.

There we were, born and ready for processing.  After a quick pinch, we breathed our first breath and cried our first cry.  Before the next tear drop could fall, we were splashed in a bath, towel dried, measured and weighed.  Like a crime scene, our ankle was banded, and our foot was rolled with ink.  We had made our first impression.

Just when we thought we couldn’t take it anymore, a delivery nurse gently laid our bare, butt, body against our mother’s warm, bare, bosom.  We were snugged in tight and then smothered in a shower of our mother’s tears and kisses.  A love like ours knew no words.  Our mother was our world and we were hers. 

We remain indebted to our mothers.  Love you mom.


Joyce Lynn Eggleston

Indianapolis, IN – February 2020

Inspired by a mother’s unconditional love.


Photo credit to Royal Brisbane Women’s Hospital.

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