Beckon Call

A dreamer dreams of an undying love for their whole lives through; a lover’s catch before a nightmare’s clutch, barely escaping pursuit.  Dreams arouse real life possibilities.

What was yours or mine became the credit of ‘ours’ over time.  We were once young, falling in love, exploring places and introducing family and friends.  Our plans knew no end.

Evenings fall while a night owl calls Who-Who!  Will it be bed and breakfast for two?  Yes, please!  There will be two for life in sickness, in health, sometimes broke or broken and in wealth.

When a love chill ripples up and down your spine, while wondering why, it’s best to guard your heart, search your soul, gather your wits and engage your mind.  Could it be your lover’s beckon call?


Joyce Lynn Eggleston – April 2023

Inspired by 48th Wedding Anniversary



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